And now it's August

Welcome to August!

I don't know about you but August is usually a surprisingly hectic month. I never expect it and yet, it always happens. I guess after two glorious months of a Summer-induced laid back air, the return to school feels shocking. Back to school madness is overwhelming as is and I have lots of birthdays and events un August to stir things up a bit. 

This particular August has started with my feeling a bit unbalanced. Part of me is feeling very inspired and eager to think and do big things while another part of me yearns to do nothing but drag my body onto a beach chair under an umbrella and contemplate the meaning of life while listening to some tunes and drinking fruity things. 

I've been trying to get some plans in for August and it's been such a struggle because of this inner conflict. Little tasks put me off because they just sound so tedious and big tasks seem so overwhelming. And apparently, a middle ground isn't something my brain can wrap itself around so I'm just waffling back and forth. 

For me, a perfect August would include at least one trip to a local spa so I can take advantage of Miami Spa Month. It would include at least one date night to a Miami Spice restaurant. It would have a smooth transition to the back to school life although I honestly don't know what that would look or feel like. I would get myself to the beach and/or pool at least twice. I imagine my perfect August having lots of lunch and coffee dates with my girlfriends, including a birthday date with my fellow birthday month friend. I would have my nails painted even if it's just me. I'd have my planning time and I'd be killing it on my To-Do lists. I'd lose a few pounds because I've strayed a bit too far from my ideal health-wise weight. I'd have face mask days with my daughter and attend my son's rock concert and spend some one on one with my youngest. I would eat lots of ice cream. I would be on top of my marketing game and consistently delivering content to my customers and I'd have great sales at the shows I am signed up for. I would dance a lot. I would do 39 random acts of kindness. I'd make a list of things I am grateful for every single day. I'd eat lots of veggies because they're so delicious. I would have one game night with my kids, maybe some friends. 

What's your perfect August about?

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