Day One: The Blog Begins

Yesterday, my friend Suzy from Suzy Makes Things (IG: @suzymakesthings) was lamenting her lack of Illustrator skills because she has such few opportunities to practice. I told her of another friend, Lauren from Lauren Faith Dawson Art (IG: @laurenfaithdawson_art).

Lauren has formal training in art, but life led her down a different path. Recently, she returned to her passion and embarked on a 100 Days of Art Challenge on Instagram. She has been using the challenge as a way to reawaken her art muscles, practice old techniques, experiment with new ones, and honor her commitment to making art on a daily basis. 

It has been wonderful watching Lauren dive into this project. It's also been extremely inspirational and I suggested to Suzy she could do a 100 Days of Illustrator Challenge maybe. And then, I wondered what sort of 100 Days Challenge I could embark on that would be helpful. Suzy suggested a 100 Days of Not Beating Myself Up Challenge- a valid suggestion, but I was looking for something more tangible. 

Last night, while treating myself to a candle-lit, bath bomb infused, mellow music playing bath, the idea came to me in a completely unsurprising way. I was, to be honest, annoyed with it. You see, I have had this idea for about 2 years. But doubt, fear, and insecurities have fed me enough excuses to fight it back and smother it down. Last night, I saw the excuses as the feeble veils for my weak self-esteem they are and knew I couldn't lie to myself about it anymore.

In 2003, I started a blog. Actually, it wasn't called a blog-- it was an online diary on DiaryLand. A few years later, I started a new blog on LiveJournal. And a few years after that, I started a new blog on Wordpress. And so it was that I blogged on and off for over ten years until I felt it had served its purpose and I turned everything off to dive into other things in my life.

Except, I can't turn off the writing. I have always been a writer. Journals in various stages of completion hide in my home documenting the majority of my life. I will take breaks for months, but I always take pen to paper at some point.

Writing is my jam. It's how I think things through. Even when I have taken breaks from journals, I would write out concepts in my Ideas Notebook. Or, I would write out marketing strategies, goals, or budgets in notebooks and Word documents. And I always get a kick out of helping other people with their writing by reading and revising their work when they ask me to.

And so, Day One of 100 Days of Blogging is here. What can you expect? Well, I would like to share my mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual experiences as a shop owner with a family and a full-time job. There was a point where my business became enmeshed in every part of my life. It happened slowly and without me really noticing it until one day, I looked around my life and saw Colorful Cute everywhere. Sharing my business stories with you is sharing my life stories; not because I am what I do, but because I do what I am. 

One down, ninety-nine to go. I hope to see you tomorrow. 

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  • Keiry on

    Your self care night sounded amazing! :D
    I’ve also kept a journal for years (still have one from middle school, it’s mostly me complaining LOL)

    Can’t wait to read more on your experiences so far <3

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