It’s not about “you”

A few months ago, I saw how I sort of hide by referring to others instead of myself. I tend to switch from “I” to “you”. It’s a subtle thing and now that I’m trying, an example isn’t coming to mind. Ok, got one. For example, I could say, “It’s the type of thing that, once you’re made aware of it, it’s obvious” OR “It’s the type of thing that, once I was made aware of it, was obvious”.

The first few times I caught myself, and corrected, were awkward as heck. It’s still awkward, but I’m way more aware of the benefit of it. It feels different switching from “you” to “I”.

In the blogging world, “we” is really powerful. By writing “we” I create a connection between you and me.

In the marketing world, “you” is critical. I have to write my copy to make my customer insert themselves into the product’s experience.

But, in life, it seems “I” is where it’s at when I want to connect with myself. And sometimes, I don’t really want to connect with myself. Sometimes, I know I’ve got a problem on my hands. Maybe I’m being avoidant or sensitive. If I really want to cut it out, I need to connect with myself. And I can almost guarantee that when I’m in an uncomfortable place, I’ve likely resorted to lots and lots of “you” statements.

So, this is what I’m working on the next few months. I’m working on my words and on my voice without hiding behind others. Hopefully you can cheer me on.

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