Magical Micro-Tasking

I have a lot of big dreams. I think most of us do, even if they’re buried deep down. But I’m not here to speak for you, just me. So, I have a lot of big dreams and I know the best way to accomplish anything big is to show up consistently.

Showing up consistently in anything is challenging for me. Why? My guess is it’s because I live life with a very loaded plate. It’s loaded beyond capability meaning that I have so much going on, it’s physically impossible to show up to all of it on a consistent basis.

Today, at my meeting with my accountability sisters, we stumbled into the power of micro-tasking. Micro-tasking is doing the work of your big picture on the most micro level you can get it down to and celebrating it. I’ll give you an example from our own meeting. One of my sisters runs a non-profit and the most important thing to the success of her non-profit is cash (surprising zero people) which she must generate for her non-profit through fundraising.

In order to make sure she keeps fundraising at the top of her agenda, she has to do at least one tiny task a day that’s related to fundraising. Every. Single. Day. And then, she gets to send us a video message letting us know that she did it and we all hurrah. And it can be absolutely anything as long as she did it intentionally.

I absolutely loved this idea. So, I took on some daily micro-tasking efforts on myself. I decided there were two things that are really important for me to see progress on right now and that is in sales and in self-care. These are both things that are challenging to me because they are somewhat unfamiliar to me so it’s extremely important I do them every single day. Facing down the discomfort I feel when I think about selling or when I think about intentionally caring for myself on a daily basis makes it more familiar and as it gets more familiar, it gets more comfortable until it settles into whatever comfort point it’s going to get to with me.

And that’s the thing about doing things daily. I don’t know how comfortable I am doing an activity until I’ve given it a fair go. Trying things half-heartedly, unintentionally, and/or sparingly isn’t a fair trial. I remember hearing once that to know whether or not you actually dislike a food, you should try it five times or something like that.

What’s something you could micro-task daily?

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