Possibly under the weather

I am not feeling very well today. I feel like my body is fighting with something and it’s leaving me tired, sensitive, and unfocused. On days like today, going into the office is a mixed bag. On the one hand, since I’m at the office, I feel pushed to get some work done. Checking off tasks is a nice feeling. On the other hand, I can hardly manage more than a handful of the simplest tasks before I get overwhelmed with exhaustion. Sometimes, I get so tired I get teary-eyed. I never felt more understood until I heard the term “overtired” as applied to screaming babies. I am most definitely overtired today.

I have to get a couple more errands done today and I am only somewhat looking forward to them. I have to get an eye exam and then go to Warby Parker to buy a new pair of glasses. I strongly dislike eye exams. They’re not very comfortable. And choosing a pair of glasses stresses me out especially when I don’t have contact lenses I can wear during the fitting. I am insanely blind so I can only get a vague idea of what I look like in a particular pair of glasses.

But really, all I want to do is lay on soft surfaces in blankets and watch TV- nothing stressful or thought-provoking either. Something along the lines of the Rilakkuma show on Netflix, Queer Eye (of course), or maybe some baking show. What’s your favorite easy show to watch?

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