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The C-Word

When I started this business two and a half years ago, I did so without much know-how. I figured in the 21st century, learning is the easiest its been in the history of mankind and so I would learn what I needed to learn along the way. 

For the most part, this has worked out for me. Yes, it's been really hard. I personally enjoy learning directly from others (this is how I teach too) but when I started, I knew no one doing anything like what I had in mind for Colorful Cute. So, it was me and Google. 

The thing is, you never really know what exactly you need to know. Sure, there are the obvious questions that need answers like how to set up this, connect that, and manage this. Those are straightforward and easy enough to search up an answer for. Then, you run into the questions that are obvious to ask but the answers are much harder to find. 

For example, how to source great products for your store or where to get things made for good prices. Obvious questions to ask, but the really good answers are often guarded closely. So, even though you know you need that info, you haven't made the right contacts to get you the info you need.

But then, there's stuff you didn't even know you'd have to learn. And it turns out that one of the most critical secrets to running a successful online business was in this realm of things I didn't know I needed to know. And honestly, it's so important that my guess is it's key to running any successful business whether it's online or not. And I want to save you the trouble of floundering about for months or even years before you discover it for yourself. 

One of the most important skills you can cultivate is Consistency. Don't you roll your eyes at me here, this is super important. To be honest, I'm not great at Consistency. It's one of the reasons I took on the 100 Days of Blogging Challenge. The more areas you can be consistent in, the better you'll be at being Consistent. 

Do you know how people say "Content is King"? Well, Consistency is Queen. Great content, in whatever form that may be for you, is extremely helpful and goes a long way to helping your business do well online. But, Content without Consistency is like operating with one arm tied behind your back. When you bring Consistency and Content together, things really start clicking into place.

This is actually something you can measure and test in black and white. And I, being a complete nerd for numbers and spreadsheets, have done it and have seen the results so starkly I can't even think of debating the point. But I encourage you to test it for yourself. It's easy.

Go to whatever analytics you have for whatever services you use. If you have a website, get your Google Analytics for the past 30 days or for a couple of months you know you weren't consistent. Get your Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest insights together for a time period you weren't consistent in. And then, make a plan for Consistency. Start small if you wish-- posting every day on Facebook for 10 days for example. Or sending two emails a week for four weeks. Or go big and do a 100 Days Challenge where you post or pin every day for 100 days. 

When you're done being consistent, compare your results. For me, the difference has been night and day. Website visitors, engagement, followers, and sales all go up the longer I am consistent for. When I drop the ball and let myself go, everything disappears too.

That's the good and bad news about Consistency. She rewards you handsomely but demands your attention. What are some areas you think would benefit immensely from Consistency? Are you going to put it to the test?


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