The Post that Almost Wasn’t

Weekends are definitely more challenging for me when it comes to remaining consistent in something I’ve been working on. I almost didn’t write this. I’m tired and I forgot all about it and when I remembered I immediately started telling myself one day wasn’t going to make a difference.  But it does. Maybe not a huge difference always but it makes a difference and sometimes it could make a huge difference. I never know so why chance it?

I did more purchasing work today and actually got a large order in. It was the one that stressed me the most so now that it’s in I can breathe a little easier. Now I can have more fun with the rest of the ordering I have to do.

After that it was time to get ready for my grandmother’s 90th birthday party and I will have you know I put some effort into that and looked hella cute. Thanks Queer Eye. I should probably watch you once a week for the rest of my life so I stay motivated about loving up on myself.

After the party, I grabbed an embroidery kit I’ve had stashed for at least a year and broke it open while I started on another Queer Eye marathon. They did an episode that showed Orange Theory and I can feel the itch getting really bad to start exercising for real this time. My god daughter teaches Pilates too so I feel very motivated. I don’t want to turn forty feeling weak and stiff and achy.

I’m grateful to have been blessed with a beautiful weekend. Now I’m going to curl up next to my beautiful man and get some delicious cozy sleep so I can start another beautiful week in my life that I’m so grateful to have.

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