Blue Sea Unicorn Face, Hair, and Body Glitter

Glitter is not for the meek. One can simply not "low-key" glitter. Even a slight dab of a fantastic glitter refuses to blend into the crowd. Whether you have your makeup routine down pat or you hardly ever wear makeup, glitter gels are a must-have. Adding glitter to your look as an enhancement to your makeup or as the only makeup you wear is an instant game-changer.

We are particularly fond of these beautiful glitter gels made by Uniglitter. Vegan & Cruelty-Free made in Florida. This pot is 1 ounce of yummy sparkly glitter gel that's safe to wear on your skin, your face, or your hair.

Color: Blue Sea Unicorn- a blend of blue and turquoise hexagons and diamonds, turquoise and silver stars and iridescent hexagons. 

Application is easy with a makeup brush or finger. Avoid the eyes. This gorgeous gel has glitter that's not recommended for use on eyes. Removal is easiest with a cloth or cotton ball soaked in water or makeup remover. 

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