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Japanese Women's Tabi Socks- Sandals Goldfish

Socks with sandals. Whatever mental image you got with that phrase needs to be erased and replaced. Tabi socks are a traditional Japanese sock (or in some cases, boot) where the large toe is separated from the rest of the toes so that the socks can be worn easily with thonged footwear.

These are especially useful in homes where outside shoes aren't worn in the house as your little footsies can get cold. So you wear these with your house sandals and your feet stay warm while your house stays germ-free. 

Not a shoe-free home yet? No worries! These socks are meant to be worn with sandals and you're sure to get lots of compliments on how unique and adorable they are. 

One pair of adorable women's tabi socks in a pretty pink goldfish and sandal design. Over the ankle. One size fits most.

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