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Weekly Planner Pad- Power Up

You are a hard-working woman. While life may feel hectic at times, you know deep down you've got this. This weekly planner is your new favorite tool. Get your week on paper and then post it where everyone can see it.

At home, use this pad to track household tasks like cleaning schedules and meal prep, manage everyone's schedules, stay on top of your bills, and schedule in your personal time too. At the office, map out your meetings, projects, and important deadlines. The To-Do section is great for overall planning and for making a note for next week's items too. The sheets are nice and large so you can really write everything out and not cram them into tiny spaces.  I like using it for my Top Three goals for the week.

Each pad comes with 52 sheets so you're good for a year's worth of planner bliss. This design is one of my favorites from the collection. Power Up features retro gaming controllers and bright colors. Other designs available are Wink and Origami Hummingbird.

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