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Nanci 24 Solar Terms Series 1 Rolife Blind Box Figure Dolls

Nanci is a sleepy baby with a snot bubble coming out of her nose as she dreams the most wonderful, magical dreams. In this series, Nanci dreams about the 24 solar terms in the Chinese calendar.

Farmers in ancient China created the 24 solar terms based on the sun's position in the zodiac to guide the harvest and other agricultural activities. The 24 solar terms reflect the changes in the weather, natural phenomena, harvest events, and have a great influence on people's daily lives. 

This set of Nanci dolls celebrates the first half of the 24 solar terms. This listing is for ONE blind box that will randomly include any of the following:

  1. Start of Spring
  2. Rain Water
  3. Awakening of Insects
  4. Spring Equinox Day
  5. Spring Equinox Night
  6. Clear and Bright
  7. Grain Rain
  8. Start of Summer
  9. Small Full Grain
  10. Grain in Ear
  11. Minor Heat
  12. Major Heat
  13. Chaser: Summer Solstice

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Nanci 24 Solar Term Blind Box Dolls

Love love love Nanci 24 Solar Terms Blind Box Figure Dolls. They are sooo cute.