About Me

I believe in wonder and whimsy, color and cheerfulness, imagination and independence, pastels and personality, beauty and boldness, handmade and happiness. I do not believe in growing old. 

Life doesn't have to be dreary and plain jut because you've gotten another day older. Growing up is serious business-- why make it boring too? That's where Colorful Cute comes in. I carefully curate the products in my store to bring some youthful bliss into your everyday life in small, unique, and practical ways-- oh, and affordable; growing up is expensive business too!

All of my items are available in small, limited quantities. I like to keep things fresh and interesting. For my handmade items, I even make as few as one or two in each colorway. In other words, if you love it- get it!

Thanks for stopping by. Hope you have a colorful cute day!