Coroham Coron Jan-Kun Plush Hamster by Amuse

Coroham Coron Jan-Kun Plush Hamster by Amuse

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OK so have you ever had the experience where you see something so cute that you lose your ability to talk? And you start squealing and saying half words and then you start covering your mouth and you think that maybe you might even cry but laugh at the same time because oh my gosh it's just so cute?

No? Oh.

WELL, if you're ever going to have the experience, this little hamster plush by premium plush maker Amuse Japan is probably gonna do it for ya. I mean where do we even start? The tiny tiny eyes? The chubby cheeks? The blush on the aforementioned chubby cheeks? The tiny little balled up pose? The super softness?

It's the whole package you guys. And it's just barely 5" tall (on a good day). It is unbearably adorable AND it's portable. 

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