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All-Occasion Japanese Gift Bag Set

In Japan, gift-giving is an art and presentation matters. You will love the way these unique gift bags help make your next gift even more special.

This set of four gift bags are perfect for any occasion and can accommodate a variety of gifts including food. Each bag comes with a cardboard base to give it structure. The bags are made from Non-Woven Polypropylene making them a great eco-friendly alternative to traditional gift wrapping and paper gift bags.

Don't forget to include a cute card with your gift!

Interior Measurements

Bag Style Width Length
Sakura Drawstring Pouch 4" 4.7" 5"
Strawberry Basket Pouch 4.7" 3" 5.7"
Flowers and Fans Pouch 5" 3.9" 6"
Goldfish Drawstring Bag 6.5" 3.5" 8.6"

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