Holiday Bento

Two Tier Bento Box with Chopsticks- Shokado Style Cherry Holiday

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Bento boxes are absolutely fantastic ways to carry your lunch. If you've never tried a bento box, you are definitely missing out and it's time to end that. What makes bento boxes great is that they're designed specifically for portability of a complete meal. This shokado style bento box is a classic design in the bento box world and is absolutely perfect for trying bento boxes for the first time.

It has two tiers so that you can easily compartmentalize your food and there's a divider for further compartments. The box includes chopsticks and an elastic band to hold it together. This box features a hot pink color and a really pretty Cherry Holiday design that's elegant and whimsical.

Because this bento is not ok for microwave use, it's absolutely perfect for people who like refreshing cold lunches like salads or traditional lunches that do well at room temperature like sandwiches. Bento boxes offer a world of possibility for your lunches and we encourage you to try them out and experiment with different bento styles and accessories. Lunch will easily become your favorite meal of the day!

Made in Japan with AS Resin. Dishwasher-safe, not ok for microwave. BPA-Free.

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