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My Melody and Sweet Piano Morning Fun Kuji

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The My Melody and Sweet Piano Kuji will be available on Thursday, October 19 at midnight online and in-store when we open at 11:30 AM. 

My Melody and Sweet Piano are having a sleepover! There are 13 different prizes to collect in this beautiful kuji for a total of 70 prizes plus an absolutely beautiful Last Prize.


#01 - LED Makeup Mirror
#02 - Alarm Clock
#03 - Bath Towel
#04 - Mini Plush My Melody
#05 - Mini Plush Sweet Piano
#06 - Pouch
#07 - Face Towel Set My Melody
#08 - Face Towel Set Sweet Piano
#09 - Bag Charm My Melody
#10 - Bag Charm Sweet Piano
#11 - Tumbler Set
#12 - Stackable Drawer My Melody
#13 - Stackable Drawer Sweet Piano

Bonus Last Prize - Reversible My Melody and Sweet Piano Decorative Pillow


What is a Kuji? A Kuji is a "lottery" type of game popular in Japan. However, unlike lotteries many of us are familiar with, this lottery guarantees everyone who plays wins a prize from the set. So we often tell customers it's best to think of it as an awesome Blind Box. 

How does it work? You purchase a ticket online or from a cashier in-person. To redeem your ticket, the staff brings out the Kuji box. You pull out your ticket, peel it open, and match the number that appears on the ticket to the number that appears on the prizes on the Prize Table. You grab your prize and celebrate! 

What if I'm not local? If you're getting your prizes shipped to you, we will record your drawing for you. Our staff will pull your tickets and show your prizes. Those will then get packed up and shipped out when the kuji ends.

What's the Last Prize all about? As a thank you for playing a Kuji until it's sold out, the game-designers add a Bonus Prize that can ONLY be claimed by whoever buys the last ticket of a Kuji. That lucky person receives the prize that is on the ticket AND the Bonus Prize!

I hate fun and surprises and just want to buy a specific item. Can I just do that? Nope! A Kuji is a completely designed game from the manufacturers. It can't be tampered with. It's also worth mentioning that items that come in a Kuji are very often only made for that Kuji so they are rarer than regular merchandise from that franchise. 

Is there a limit to the number of tickets one person can buy? Nope! There is NO limit to the number of tickets in a Kuji a customer can buy. As a matter of fact, it's common for people to buy several tickets at once if they're trying to score the Bonus Prize or a particular prize from the set. 

Is there a deadline for picking up our prizes? We hold all in-store pickup orders for 30 days. If you can't come in before then and need more time, we are happy to accommodate you. Just let us know!

Any other questions, just speak with one of our crew!



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My Melody and Sweet Piano Morning Fun Kuji