Mind Wave

Scented Sticker Set, Aromarium, 9 Sheets

The Aromarium series of stickers from Mind Wave is one of the most perfect collection of stickers I’ve seen. If you love to use stickers, these are a pure delight. The stickers are really pretty illustrations of all sorts of fanciful creatures, plants, and things. They’re printed on clear backing so they seamlessly blend into whatever you stick them to. They’re flat so they won’t puff up your planner pages or your next letter to your pen pal and if you stick them to a water bottle, they won’t scuff easily. But the best part? They’re scented. 

Unlike more common sticker scents you might expect, these sheets are either Lemongrass, Rose, or Lavender. These really elevate your sticker collection to a elegant and mature level.

This set includes all nine stickers in the Aromarium series:

Ocean Theme, Lemongrass Scent

Birds and Clovers Theme, Lemongrass Scent

Hedgehog Garden Theme, Lemongrass Scent

Sweet Tooth Theme, Rose Scent

Romantic Roses Theme- Rose Scent

Elegant Bath Theme- Rose Scent

Unicorn Party Theme- Lavender Scent

Space Fantasy Theme, Lavender Scent

Pretty Hearts Theme, Lavender Scent

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