Silver Unicorn Face, Hair, and Body Glitter

Glitter is not for the meek. One can simply not "low-key" glitter. Even a slight dab of bright glitter, like Silver Unicorn, refuses to blend into the crowd. Whether you have your makeup routine down pat or you hardly ever wear makeup, glitter gels are a must-have. Adding glitter to your look as an enhancement to your makeup or as the only makeup you wear is an instant game-changer.

We are particularly fond of these beautiful glitter gels made by Uniglitter. Vegan & Cruelty-Free made in Florida. This pot is 1 ounce of yummy sparkly glitter gel that's safe to wear on your skin, your face, or your hair.

Color: Silver Unicorn- a blend of all holographic glitters. 

The application is easy with a makeup brush or finger. Avoid the eyes. This gorgeous gel has glitter that's not recommended for use on eyes. Removal is easiest with a cloth or cotton ball soaked in water or makeup remover. 

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