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Washi Tape Sample Cards

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Sometimes, you want small amounts of lots of washi tape designs. Sometimes, you want to try a washi tape before you commit to buying a whole roll of it. Sometimes, you’re not sure why but you just want to buy something that’s cute, small, and called a funny word. Accomplish all three things with fun and simple washi tape sample cards!

Each card comes with 24” of washi tape in 4 different designs. Mix and match to your heart’s content!

Surprise Me: Choices are hard. I’ll pick sample cards for you and promise to avoid sending you duplicate cards

Sample Card A: Blue Diamonds, Bunny Butts, Hello, and Rectangles

Sample Card B: Lightbulbs, Love, Rectangles, and Bunny Butts

Sample Card C: Sailor Moon, Purple Diamonds, Hello, and Pointing

Sample Card D: Blue Diamonds, Rectangles, Pointing, and Lightbulbs

Sample Card E: Bunny Butts, Love, Purple Diamonds, and Sailor Moon

Sample Card F: Hello, Pointing, Love, and Lightbulbs

All of my tapes are imported from Japan. You can see my entire collection here: 

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