Wrapping Cloth Bellflower
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Wrapping Cloth Bellflower

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A furoshiki, or wrapping cloth, is a square piece of fabric with a beautiful design on it.

The cloth is used for lots of different things but mainly to wrap and carry items. If you want to give a gift with simple, beautiful, and sustainable presentation, a furoshiki is your answer. For wrapping gifts, a furoshiki is extremely versatile and makes oddly shaped items look gorgeous. It's all in the technique!

You can also use a furoshiki to wrap up your bento boxes for a picnic, to carry small groceries, or as a tote bag in a pinch. It can also be used as a place mat, a small towel, or hung as a small tapestry. The uses are endless and they're a gift that truly keeps on giving. 

This furoshiki measures 50cm x 50cm or 19.5" x 19.5". It is 100% cotton and made in Japan. The design features a beautiful rabbit moon and purple flowers.

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